Frequently Asked Questions

What’s All Souls REALLY Like?

Simple is the rule. There’s no Praise Band. There’s no nursery. There’s no long list of progams. There’s no entertainment.

There is serious, biblical, godly worship.

  • We sing hymns immersed in Bible teaching. We sing the same hymnbook the Lord Jesus used: The PSALMS, many times with just our voices in praise.
  • We pray set prayers of the ancient church hundreds and hundreds of years old. We easily spend 15% of our worship in extemporaneous prayer and regularly pray for each other throughout the week.
  • Our children sit with their parents throughout or join another trusted adult member moving back and forth as children do.
  • We hear the Word of God preached for 25-30 minutes in sermons that go through books of the Bible so that we understand what God intends for us to know.
  • God’s gift to us is His church where He gives His mighty gifts in His Word preached and in His sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We come as receivers of His treasures, no more, no less.

Wow. That is simple! It also doesn’t sound very typical, why are you like that?

It is because your soul is of infinite value, therefore getting worship the way God expects is vital.

It is because the future of the church is in rediscovering the ancient church.

And it is because by doing less you do more.

  • Modern choruses with Bible phrases are not enough to convey Bible teaching, no matter how good the Praise Band is. Singing classic biblically rich hymns and the Psalms makes SURE.
  • Contemporary prayers reflect contemporary shallowness. Ancient prayers have a biblical depth that is fitting for your soul and glorifies your Savior.
  • Children’s faith is shaped by the adults who are charged with their nuture and support as they grow, so we help parents in a variety of ways in this essential task. We’ve adopted what the ancient church understood and today’s global church understands: Scripture tells us Christian formation begins and ends at home.
  • God knows the deepest recesses of your heart. He knows what you need to hear from His Word, the Bible. Like an expert physician He diagnoses what’s wrong and gives the remedy from His Word. Biblical preaching is always contemporary because God is the Author of the Scriptures and He knows your past, present, and future

Anything Else I should Know?

  • If you’re looking for the typical Evangelical menu you find in most churches in our area, WE are NOT for you.
  • If you’re looking for real spiritual and biblical depth in your worship, we’re for you.
  • If you’re looking for a people who are sinful just like you, who struggle against sin and temptation just like you, but who are genuinely interested in you and will pray for you, we’re for you.
  • If you’re looking for a pastor who knows your name, prays for you regularly, preaches with you on his heart and makes a visit about twice a year to support you in your walk with Christ, we’re for you.
  • If you’re looking for the smallest group of people that can as a church still dedicate more than 10% of the gross income from the provision God gives them to overseas mission, support a missionary family, who serve regularly those in need in their local boroughs, and who meet in smaller groups for prayer, study and service, WE are FOR YOU.

We’re a small church.

We’re Anglican.

We’re global and we’re local.

And most of the world’s churches are churches like us!