What is the Gospel?

Gospel means “Good News.” It is an announcement of what God has done to save us, a remarkable truth that we could never learn from any other source than God’s saving Word.

What the Gospel announces is the profound truth that God saves sinners by his working, not theirs. He “justifies the ungodly” (Romans 4.5), saving them from their sin even while they yet remain sinners, declaring them as righteous, holy, and pure as his own sinless Son, Jesus, who took their place of punishment. And He does this by faith alone.

The Gospel of justification by faith alone is summarized clearly in our confessional statement, The Thirty-Nine Articles, Article 11, which discusses the righteousness of faith:

We are accounted righteous before God solely on account of the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through faith and not on account of our own good works or of what we deserve. Consequently the teaching that we are justified by faith alone is a most wholesome and comforting doctrine.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the gospel further with you.