Community Freedom Celebration 2016

Join us as we raise our voices in thanksgiving: How the hearts of the unconverted in our boroughs were prepared for our Community Freedom Celebration Outreach on May 29th. How former NBA star Joe Crispin presented the gospel so clearly. In the glorious weather on the day that brought many to the worship and to … [Read more…]

Our Current Sermon Series

It is our conviction that the health of the Church depends on the proclamation of God’s Word. It depends on the preaching of the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit by preachers and teachers who actually believe the Bible to be the words of God, and the expositional ministry that flows from that … [Read more…]

Help Plant All Souls

1. We want to be true to the Biblical mandate. We obey Jesus’ call and we follow St. Paul’s example as we go to plant churches. Mission strategist C. Peter Wagner says, “Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.” 2. We want to be true to the Great Commission. New … [Read more…]